Cruise excursion versus private excursion ?

"Moving away from everything brings us a little closer to the essential" Loïc Peyron

Here we go! After days, even weeks of research to choose THE ideal destination for your next cruise, you have "validated" and you have just received the confirmation: you are going on a cruise!!!!

But here we are, there are still the excursions to de planned!

You know those ship outings at each stopover?!!!

What to see ? What to do ?

And how do we do it ?

I explore the city (or the region) with the cruise company at the risk of finding myself in a full bus, where several nationalities are likely to be together and where the guide will make us run a marathon worthy of a great long-distance runner.

Of course, their excursions are very diversified (even well-filled!), the organization is worthy of a musical score, and you think that you do not risk the ship leaving the port with a full bus missing?

For all these reasons, this seems to be THE ideal solution and not too much of a headache to finish organizing our perfect and long awaited cruise!...

Yes but, the conviviality, the desires of each other, the intimacy, what do we do with it ?

As a passionate cruiser, I also started by doing the excursions of companies cruising in Europe like Costa or MSC but I find it very impersonal, we are drowned in the middle of a flood of tourists, we sometimes hardly hear the explanations of the guide, we lose a lot of time waiting for the latecomers at each stop, in short, we return, not always satisfied with our day and a little frustrated!

You are going on holiday with your family, your children, or with friends, or even as a couple, so the idea of sharing your visits cools you down a little and you would like to be able to visit Rome, Athens, Barcelona or Saint Petersburg, to name but a few, according to your wishes and especially together! Just you and your family or friends !...

Yes but here we are, you are not a tourist guide and the fear of getting lost in a foreign country frightens you!

What could be more normal ?! The culture and the language differ from one stopover to another, organizing everything yourself can quickly become a real struggle !

Have you thought about private guides?

A private guide will propose an excursion just for you and your family !

Close your eyes and imagine the scene...

You arrive in Lisbon, your guide is waiting for you on the quay and you leave alone, him and you the time of the stopover to visit the treasures of the Portuguese city ... Isn't it a reason to feel unique, right?!

I can hear you from here .... OK Sandrine, you're intriguing us now, tell us more!

Right, you're nice people, so I'll explain!

A private guide will propose you an ALL INCLUSIVE service with a program that can be, if necessary, adapted according to your desires and/or imperatives.

  • You will be taken care of by your guide at the foot of the boat (or as close as possible depending on port authorisations),

  • The visit will take place aboard a private vehicle for your travels, with air-conditioning and cold drinks .

  • He will have programmed the visits and you will have direct access to the different attractions without queuing thanks to line-cutting tickets... but you can also ask him or her for a 100% customized program,

  • The TOP CLASS ... You will have this privileged relationship during the time of the excursion with your guide who will allow you to exchange and ask all the questions that come to your mind,

  • Financially, you might say ? No more expensive than the excursions of the cruise companies... there you pay the whole service whatever the number of participants !

  • Finally, your return to ship is guaranteed on time as our professional and official guides are fully aware of this necessity.

Another small detail, it is often much easier to access unusual or "secret" places in a small group!

Enough to create UNFORGETTABLE memories, right?!

But to find THE, or rather THE rare pearls, you're going to tell me that you'll have to spend hours and hours on the Internet ?

Well, no, not at all... there is now a website on which you will be able to find ALL the private excursions available for each port of call and everywhere in Europe with just one click ! From Rome to London, from Lisbon to Riga, via Amsterdam, Valletta and many more!

Well, I've already done most of the work...

Come on, don't thank me, it's my pleasure !

You'll find everything you need here:

Now that you have all the information on why you should take a private guide and you know how to book it, I only have to wish you a wonderful holiday, a wonderful cruise and UNFORGETTABLE shore excursions !!!

Feel free to give us your comments and share your experiences on our Facebook group 🛳ShoreToursGuides - Unforgettable private excursions 🛳 or leave your comment here.

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